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17 Apr

Argent site has now moved to CULTFILMS; so check it out for new releases, our sister label Nouveax and much much more …

Cannes Film Festival Unveils Official Poster, Featuring Federico Fellini’s ‘8½’

8 1/2 Cannes Poster 2014

8 1/2 Cannes Poster 2014


Argent Classic Cinema films such as Sergio Corbucci’ Django, Gillo Pontecorvo’ The Battle of Algiers and Federico Fellini’ 8 1/2 are now available for rent and download on iTunes…  more to come in the coming weeks… watch this space!


November 3rd 2003 sees the launch of ARGENT FILMS, a brand new DVD & Blu-ray label dedicated to releasing fully restored and carefully remastered versions of classic films by European cinema’s greatest and most respected directors.

As an indication of the kind of quality releases to be expected, the premier release from ARGENT FILMS was Gillo Pontecorvo’s highly acclaimed masterpiece, THE BATTLE OF ALGIERS, digitally remastered from a new print, incorporating previously unseen footage and featuring a brand new interview with the director.

Announcing the launch of the new label, Argent Films MD said, “ARGENT’s intention is to employ UK expertise to produce the most complete and highest quality DVD & Blu-ray editions of some of the finest examples of European cinema, many of which will be released uncut for the first time in the UK.”

As well as featuring the works of the world’s great directors, ARGENT’s future releases will also include early and little-seen films starring the likes of Mel Gibson, Sam Neill, Richard Burton, Joan Collins, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni, Anita Ekberg and Barbara Steele.