Attack Force Z AGTD009

BBFC: 15

Director: Tim Burstall

90 min

Mel Gibson and Sam Neill star in a true story of wartime Special Forces operation.

• “A well-paced finely-acted war film that’s not much short of super!” Variety

• “Fans of Mel in firearm-dispensing mode should check in” Time Out

• ”The event depicted in this film are an honest and unflinching account of the type of operation carried out by our unit during the war.”
The President ”Z SPECIAL FORCE” Association.


* Attack Force Z: The Z Men Debriefed” – a special 25 minutes featurette with the film’s cast and producer

* Picture Gallery

* Theatrical trailer


Mel Gibson leads a team of WW2 Special Forces commandos – “Attack Force Z” – to a South Pacific island occupied by Japanese forces. Their highly dangerous mission is to locate and rescue a defecting Japanese official who was on board an allied plane which has crashed in the dense island jungle.

Based on a real WW II mission carried out by Z Special Unit (knows as Z Force), a forerunner of the S.A.S., made up mostly from Australian and British volunteers, their daring missions changed the course of the war and remain secret to this day.
This dramatic, action-packed adventure is presented for the first time in its original wide screen version newly mastered from a pristine print.

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