Django Kill AGTD005


Director: Giulio Questi

112 min approx (now including previously cut scenes for 1st time)

• “So extreme in every way. It is one of the handful of great Italian Westerns” Alex Cox

• “Daring, surreal and notoriously violent Spaghetti Western” Channel 4

• “… a gloriously violent western” Total DVD

• “Is this the most bizarre Western ever made?”… surreal doesn’t quite cover it! Uncut

• “Generally considered to be the most violent Western ever made… it offers a vision of hell on earth which is vivid and disturbing.” DVD Times

• “Quite rightly considered to be the most violent Western ever made, fully restored, a magnificent movie” 5/5 Lads Mag


* Exclusive in-depth presentation by acclaimed filmmaker Alex Cox (Repo Man, Sid And Nancy) in the style of his epoch-making Moviedrome BBC series.

* Exclusive interview with director Giulio Questi & co-star Ray Lovelock.

* Theatrical trailer

* Trailers for other Argent Westerns, the best of the non-Leone movies and extreme in every way.


Tomas Milian plays “The Stranger”, a bandit left for dead by his own gang who have made off with some stolen gold. His quest for revenge leads him to a town whose inhabitants have viciously killed his gang and taken the gold for themselves. A deadly three-way fight erupts between the Stranger, the town’s people and a sadistic rancher who leads a black-clad militia, which degenerates into a vortex of gruesome torture, mindless graphic violence, sexual depravity and madness.

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